Meet the team

Sam Lundin

Sam Lundin

Chief Executive Officer

Sam has experience with acquiring businesses and improving them through infusing technology. He maintains a skillset at the intersection of entrepreneurial operations and tax structuring. He previously invested in tech companies at a hedge fund, with a focus on the Internet space. Before that, he was a tech M&A banker.

Little Known Fact:

Sam is a scuba enthusiast, handstand practitioner, and avid reader. He is presently learning to fly and training for a private pilot license. His interests include nutrition, strength training, biohacking, frequent bloodwork, and radical life extension.

Chris Yeung

Chief Technology Officer

Chris's passion for automation started in asset management, where he was responsible for building portfolio management systems at BlackRock. His journey ultimately led to Vimbly Group, where he now takes pleasure in applying technology to build businesses across a variety of industries.

Little Known Fact:

Once helped create a feral robotic dog to help sniff out pollutants in groundwater.

Simon Hammer Simon Hammer

Simon Hammer

VP of Product

Simon's the type of guy that eats a pre-brunch breakfast and a post-brunch lunch. When he's not at Vimbly HQ, you can find him in some kind of body of water... trying not to drown.

Little Known Fact:

Used to be a triathlon athlete... and won first place for his age group! (But he doesn't really tell people about it.)

Joe Mileo Joe Mileo

Joe Mileo

Engineering Manager

Despite living just outside New York City his entire life, Joe never tires of the sights and sounds. From a young age, he was always tinkering away with old, neglected computers. He’s never one to turn down a good home-cooked meal and on weekends can be found out on the golf course (usually searching for a lost ball or two).

Little Known Fact:

Had a tooth knocked out by a younger sister when he was in 2nd grade (she was 4!).

Chris Crispin

Engineering Manager

Chris hails from a small village on the Jurassic coast in Devon, England and spent much of his academic career designing, building and programming UAVs for atmospheric research. Having almost joined the Royal Air force, he decided to move to London to pursue his passion for something a little less dangerous - software engineering. Chris geeks out on video games, sports documentaries, the outdoors, and Formula 1 (way before Drive to Survive).

Little Known Fact:

Could dunk in his youth and is still convinced he can.

Melissa Haidar Melissa Haidar

Melissa Haidar

Operations Manager

Melissa is an avid cross country enthusiast -- she doesn't run, but has driven coast to coast three times. After eventually moving to Kauai, Melissa realized she missed home and traded the Hawaiian jungle in for a concrete one.

Little Known Fact:

Knows all the lyrics to most Shania Twain songs.

Camilo Calle Camilo Calle

Camilo Calle

Full Stack Developer

Camilo can be summed up in three words: curious, skeptical, and introverted. He’s always up for trying new cuisine, and enjoys listening to music while coding. Tell Camilo to get lost and he’ll take it quite literally. He loves exploring, whether it’s among skyscrapers or forests.

Little Known Fact:

Is allergic to chocolate, but doesn’t care, and insists on eating it until an allergic reaction begins.

Sean Whiteman Sean Whiteman

Sean Whiteman

Software Engineer

Sean plays more instruments than he can count -- though not necessarily very well. As an avid volleyball fan, Sean loves going to the beach to play in games every chance he gets. When Sean has free time you can find him at the driving range with his friends (where someone is guaranteed to break a club more often than not).

Little Known Fact:

Once broke his phone when it fell about one foot on to a fluffy carpet.

Brandon Peters Brandon Peters

Brandon Peters

Full Stack Developer

Born in southern Indiana, Brandon started programming in BASIC on the Commodore 64 when he was ten years old -- his interest in computer programming has thrived ever since. Brandon’s interests include software development, independent movies, all things books and enjoying the outdoors whenever possible.

Little Known Fact:

Goes hammock camping during all four seasons -- sometimes with up to 40 other people!

Noel Picinich Noel Picinich

Noel Picinich

Software Engineer

After spending her whole life in the heat of South Florida, Noel packed her bags and headed north in search of seasons and a breathtaking city skyline. She is an avid moviegoer and can often be found perusing Pinterest for new crafty ideas, though she hasn’t opened her own Etsy shop (yet).

Little Known Fact:

Has yet to tell Ferina that she also hates twizzlers.

Christian Harrypersad Christian Harrypersad

Christian Harrypersad

Node Developer

Growing up in South Jersey, Christian loved tinkering with computers. When he's not coding, you can find him watching racing or streaming games.

Little Known Fact:

Although Christian has lived in Atlantic City, he has never gambled.


Ashley Melchiorre

Talent & Culture Manager

Ashley’s passion for people and culture stems from a well-rounded background in hospitality; she got to travel the world and meet people from all walks of life. As a writer, she loves leaning into the different stories people have to share. Coming from a large family, she's also got strong mama-bear energy and can't help but want to nurture the people around her.

Little Known Fact:

If you're ever up for a game of cards, she always keeps an emergency deck in her bag

Talitha Booker

Web & Graphic Design Specialist

Talitha grew up in New Jersey and loves to travel, listen to classical music, and watch comedy movies. She considers herself a choco-holic, but likes to think it’s balanced out by the amount of fruit she consumes. During her free time, Talitha enjoys playing the piano, going to the beach, and exploring theme parks.

Little Known Fact:

Dangerously afraid of heights, unless roller coasters are involved.

Ferina Casado Ferina Casado

Ferina Casado

User Engagement

Born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, Ferina moved to the US at the age of 2. Most weekends you can find her grilling anything she can get her hands on, pausing only for rain or snow. Ferina tries new cooking recipes like it’s her job -- so long as they don’t include Twizzlers...

Little Known Fact:

Suspects she is the only person alive who hates Twizzlers.

Julio Diaz Julio Diaz

Julio Diaz

Platform Developer

Julio grew up in northern Colombia in the town of Purísima. He loves seafood, swimming, and late night coding sessions. When he isn’t playing the role of unofficial technology adviser for his friends and family, you can usually find Julio playing soccer video games or cooking.

Little Known Fact:

Is always the last of his friends to order at restaurants because he can be super indecisive.

Jenna Mo

Jenna Mo

eCommerce Product Catalog Manager

After living in peaceful Japan for a few years, Jenna realized she thrives more in chaos and chose to move to New York. She enjoys playing tennis without keeping score, practicing yoga, and visiting her family members along the East Coast.

Little Known Fact:

Vows to never own another pet after her last fish died within a month.

Nicole McVeigh

Market Research Analyst

Nicole grew up in New Jersey and has a knack for adventure. She enjoys hiking and camping in her downtime, exploring nature to its fullest. Nicole is always up for new activities, big or small -- you can usually find her scrolling the ‘gram for the coolest places to travel to, or making a local trip to Chipotle or Chick-Fil-A.

Little Known Fact:

Has an identical twin sister.

Luan Nguyen Luan Nguyen

Luan Nguyen

DevOps Engineer

Luan is an IT enthusiast who enjoys exploring new technologies. He works closely with developers to help them on infrastructure provisioning, auto-scaling on clouds, CI/CD, and applications troubleshooting. Aside from IT, Luan loves going to the beach, swimming and biking.

Little Known Fact:

Shoots photos on his outdoor expeditions that would make Nat Geo jealous.

Sam Pelton

Content Director

Sam is all about church, family, and music. Born and raised in the heart of the Midwest, he grew up as one of six kids and enjoys having a growing family himself. Sam loves playing piano, reading, and spending time with his wife and kids.

Little Known Fact:

His sister cried when he was born because she was disappointed he wasn't a girl (but she got over it).

Joel Pelton


Joel first experienced the joy of software development at a young age when he coded a Lord of the Rings themed text adventure in QBasic. Since then, technology has evolved and so has his love of working with computers. Joel loves spending time at church, traveling with his family, exploring new places, and playing video games.

Little Known Fact:

His life goal is to go backcountry camping at every major national park in the United States.

Orendael Miller

Digital Marketing Director

Creative by nature, Orendael is always trying her hand at something new. Whether it's taking up pottery, DIY house-projects, gardening, or art, you can probably find her elbows-deep in a new project she's winging entirely. She's also a compulsive reader, so if you ever want to talk books, you know where to go.

Little Known Fact:

Names all of her plants because she's convinced it's the only way to keep them alive. Some of her favorites are Persephone (a Prickly Pear Cactus) and Aziraphale (a Spiky Succulent).

Greg Smith

VP, Customer Service

Born in Nebraska, Greg enjoys a quiet life surrounded by his family and friends. With his free time he enjoys hanging out with his kids, watching the latest Netflix releases with his wife, and playing video games with "the boys.” If you’re ever up for debating why the Star Wars sequel series doesn't exist, Greg is your guy.

Little Known Fact:

Would be a pro gamer if he were born 10 years later.

Austin Rugh

VP, Sales

Austin loves a challenge and will participate in any form of competition even if he doesn't fully understand the game at hand. (So if you need an extra person on your team, just let him know.) Austin likes to snowboard, wakeboard, and never gets bored.

Little Known Fact:

Once hand-fed a rhinoceros.

Aaron Nicholson


Aaron is passionate about studying theology and spending time with his church family in Lincoln, NE. He and his wife are happy parents of three blonde girls with a boy on the way! Aaron is also a fan of board games, video games, basketball games, and well…every other kind of game.

Little Known Fact:

Is surprisingly good at unpopular sports like racquetball, hacky sack, and roller hockey.

Nick Leung

Digital Marketing Manager

Born and raised in New York, Nicholas's life reflects the buzz and energy of his hometown. Between growing up globetrotting as a singer-actor or doing marketing for internationally-renowned theater companies and hospitality organizations, he loves soaking in whatever the world has to offer. When in doubt, you can find him bopping along to good tunes or raving about his new favorite video game.

Little Known Fact:

Runs a Dungeons and Dragons campaign inspired by Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Alyson Alyson

Alyson Attanasio

Sales Manager

Alyson has lived in 7 states and loves to travel. Her hobbies include: drinking coffee, roasting coffee with her husband, and kickboxing. She loves the outdoors and is always up for any adventure!

Little Known Fact:

Alyson was once offered a dowry of 7 camels from Bedouins in the Middle East.

Jack Jack

Jack Snyder

Account Manager

Jack is a naturally born Michigander who now calls the great state of Nebraska home. He's competitive from the board game table to the soccer field . He loves writing, the great outdoors, trying new restaurants, and spending quality time with his family.

Little Known Fact:

Jack spent much of his early childhood in Brazil!

Isabella Isabella

Isabella Cooley

Sales Representative

Growing up all around Nebraska, Isabella got to experience the state to its fullest. She has a passion for traveling and a dream to move to Hawaii someday. Currently living in Lincoln, she fills her free time with anything fitness related or eating sushi. She loves cats, and has a very fluffy and fat friend who keeps her company.

Little Known Fact:

Was once a proud owner of 38 cats

Taylor Lewis

Sales Representative

Taylor is a classic Nebraska farm girl who has a love for homegrown hospitality. Having lived on the west coast for a few years her love for the ocean, travel and new adventures has reached full capacity, and it attempts to take over any chance it gets. Playing guitar, photography and making new friends are some of her favorite pastimes. And, she firmly believes that the key to great conversations is a good cup of coffee!

Little Known Fact:

Has held a lion cub in her lap while in South Africa and took a selfie with a cheetah!

Cassidy Cassidy

Cassidy Christensen

Customer Service

When Cassidy’s not watching a sitcom, she can usually be found experimenting in the kitchen trying to perfect gluten-free banana bread. She also loves going on walks with her husband to find good Boba.

Little Known Fact:

She used to be an orthodontic assistant until the day that she realized teeth are a little gross.

Alexis Vejvoda

Customer Service

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Alexis relocated to Arizona with her family for better weather. During football season, you can find her screaming on the Huskers. When she’s not providing the best customer support she can, she enjoys spending her free time with family and catching up on her favorite shows. She loves going out to eat and trying new places. Alexis has moved 23 times throughout her life and considers herself a professional packer!

Little Known Fact:

Alexis received a scholarship to play D2 Soccer for Manhattan Christian College in Kansas!

Kallie Kallie

Kallie Shavor

Customer Service

Kallie was born and raised a passionate Nebraska Husker fan. She spends most of her time finding new recipes to try, along with playing board games or watching TV shows with her husband. Kallie loves knitting, hiking, and traveling. She is happiest when she is surrounded by her friends and family.

Little Known Fact:

Will eat ice cream at any time of the day.

C.J. Chidiegwu

Customer Service

C.J. is a bubbly individual who's still mastering the art of nurturing plants and cooking up a storm in the wee hours. While others dream of sandy beaches, she travels the world through her taste buds. She LOVES Afro-beats and soulful tunes, and is quite the jester too...never a dull conversation with this one!

Little Known Fact:

Buys a ton of cookbooks only to end up on YouTube for recipes. Cookbooks are mainly for enjoying pretty pictures.

Oziel Oziel

Oziel Nassif-Rico

Project Manager

Moving from California to New York was a big change, but one that Oziel has embraced! Channeling her love of traveling, she is excited to experience all the city has to offer. On the weekends you’ll probably find her at an art museum or at home having a spa day. She enjoys matcha, pesto pasta, and chocolate chip cookies (but not with too many chocolate chips.)

Little Known Fact:

She practiced the Japanese martial art of Aikido…for 12 years!

Wicus Willemse

Node Developer

After early life in Africa, Wicus lived and travelled widely. His passion for technology and the diversity of life, has led his professional career through varied industries like banking and finance, travel, digital media and the energy sector.

Little Known Fact:

When he’s not defying gravity in the air, sea or mountains, you can find Wicus building cool tech for progressive companies.

Alin Alin

Alin Simoc

Front-end Developer

Alin is a software engineer who is passionate about technology and visual arts. His first encounter with programming occurred at the age of 12, when he and a friend worked on a Super Mario clone (he’s been hooked ever since). In his free time, Alin enjoys going out in nature and trying new foods.

Little Known Fact:

He once drove a train while he was traveling back from university to his hometown.

Vlad Shulha

Front-end Development Lead

Vlad left his Linguistics degree behind due to ideological reasons and pursued his passion for computers; starting with Half Life and using Linux as a desktop. He combines engineering practices with a love of cycling which spans from 300km rides to shooting cycling movies. And when the moment calls for it, he'll be hanging out with Buddha.

Little Known Fact:

Cycled through all of Italy to taste the best pizzas only to realize the best is the one you're eating hungry.

Kris Guzman

React Developer

A Jersey boy who ended up living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Kris has watched too many episodes of "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown". Eat and travel has been his motto for the past year, and he hopes to continue living by it in the future.

Little Known Fact:

Once got slapped by an angry Turkey in Ecuador.

Mohamed Elshafeay

Back-end Developer

Mohamed is a foodie and quite competitive by nature. Born and raised in Egypt, Mohamed is someone who aims to consistently excel in whatever he sets his sights on, be it an ultra-competitive game of FIFA, composing winning strategies in chess, or showcasing his skills in ping pong. His unwavering dedication to triumph drives his ambition in every facet of life.

Little Known Fact:

On his very first day outside Egypt, he lost his passport and almost slept on the street.

Noman Rafique

React Native Developer

Noman is a proficient software engineer specializing in mobile app development. His career is driven by a deep-seated passion for mobile technology. Beyond his professional endeavors, he is an avid martial arts enthusiast, currently honing his kickboxing skills with an eye toward learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. In his downtime, he indulges his love for reading and movies, always in pursuit of learning something new.

Little Known Fact:

Is pretty good at Go Karting and always up for a friendly race!

Naomi Pacoli Naomi Pacoli

Naomi Pacoli

User Engagement

If you’re ever caught in a game of hide-and-seek with Naomi, count on finding her somewhere sunny and sandy. She loves the beach and the outdoors. Naomi has worked as a teacher and enjoys spending time with her family.

Little Known Fact:

Is an undefeated champion amongst friends and family for plates of food consumed at all-you-can-eat buffets.

Nicole C

Nicole Cuison

Quality Assurance

Though she never pursued a Nursing career, Nicole has always been a sucker for helping people. She may be the smallest in the family but known to have the biggest heart. This - and her huge relationship with food and love for travel.

Little Known Fact:

It always surprises people how this 5 foot girl is into Wakeboarding and Muay Thai :))

Saad Saad

Saad Khan

Quality Assurance

Saad can talk about video games and gadgets for hours and he's always looking for mind-bending sci-fi movies that recalibrate his brain. It comes as no surprise that when he’s not working, Saad can be found playing video games or running his tech YouTube channel (just for fun!). However, it’s not all techy with Saad! He also loves learning about historical events from around the world.

Little Known Fact:

One time he got his ice-cream snatched by a monkey while standing in-front of a monkey cage at a local zoo.

Fallon Luckado

Executive Assistant

Living right outside of New Orleans, she indulges in the wonderful festivals, food and music year round. Fallon loves kayaking, hiking, swimming and horseback riding. She even had a horse named Cojack when she was younger. She has recently taken up gardening and hopes to have her Grandma's green thumb!

Little Known Fact:

Has only ever won one prize her entire life, despite having "Luck" literally in her last name. It was a Crayola merch stuffed backpack when she was 9.

Gloria Bea

Executive Assistant

Gloria is a multi-passionate person whose interests range from arts and crafts to data science. Coffee calms her down and she works best with her headphones and favorite white noise music (which drowns out the snorting and sneezing sounds from the Chow Chows sleeping around her).

Little Known Fact:

Gloria is an introvert...who happens to get hired as a wedding emcee. She's a totally different person when hosting events!

Mary Picinich

Marketing & Listing Specialist

Mary is a South Florida native and self-proclaimed music enthusiast (with zero rhythm). She loves to travel any chance she gets, especially when live music is involved. You can typically find her with her nose in a book, rewatching The Great British Bake Off, or talking about Taylor Swift’s discography to anyone who will listen.

Little Known Fact:

Was an extra in a Netflix movie!

Muhammad Sarmad

Inventory and Operations Specialist

Sarmad is a go-getter; he is passionate about supply chain and thriving in the excitement of overcoming challenges. But there's more to him than that! He's also an adventurer, drawn to the awe-inspiring beauty of mountains and scenic vistas. So, whether maneuvering through logistical hurdles or traversing mountainous landscapes, He masterfully blends a challenging career with his love for travel.

Little Known Fact:

Believe it or not, he once flew a motor glider for the first time, and there was no crash landing in sight!

Wendell Fuertes

Customer Support

Wendell is an avid traveler and an advocate for community engagement. Seasoned professional with an outstanding track record in the customer service industry. Loves technology, the outdoors and whatever's inside the fridge.

Little Known Fact:

Loves to eat pizza from the fridge, yep, cold!

Sheila Marcos Sheila Marcos

Sheila Marcos


Sheila has had a passion for arts and crafts from a young age (part of that may be because she got A’s on all of her art assignments in school). Now, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, cooking and watching movies.

Little Known Fact:

Once pretended to be a tourist while visiting popular attractions in her own country.

Dennis Jumangit Dennis Jumangit

Dennis Jumangit


Dennis was born in Davao City, home to the highest peak in the Philippines. When he isn’t playing volleyball -- his favorite sport -- Dennis enjoys dreaming up different stories, and eventually wants to write a novel. His foolproof trick for remembering things is to make songs about them.

Little Known Fact:

Snores really loudly.

Shijia Shijia

Shijia Zheng

Software Engineer

Shijia is always looking to get her hands on a good story to enjoy. She spends her free time both consuming and creating narratives whether it's through books, comics, TV shows, movies, or table-top roleplaying games. She hopes to encounter new experiences for new inspirations.

Little Known Fact:

Can play the piano and violin (but is super rusty on both)

Michael B Michael B

Michael Bretotean

Front-end Developer

Michael has had a passion for all things tech related ever since he was a little kid. As a software engineer, he’s been able to turn his passion into a career where he’s always excited to try out new technologies. When Michael’s not working on software and hardware, he enjoys relaxing in nature, mountain biking and snowboarding. He also really loves to cook!

Little Known Fact:

Lifeguards beware - Michael can hold his breath for a very long time and if he’s feeling like a real trickster, when he goes to the pool he’ll pretend he’s passed out face-down in the water!

Jason Zheng

Front-end Developer

Jason was born in Canada, has lived briefly in California, and currently resides in Connecticut. As a prospective globetrotter, he dreams of one day traveling to all seven continents. When he’s not coding, you’ll find him engrossed in a good book, cooking, or listening to lo-fi hip hop.

Little Known Fact:

Is ambidextrous (although chooses to write with his left hand).

Alex Tranvaag Alex Tranvaag

Alex Tranvaag

Front-end Developer

Alex got into tech at an early age after following programming tutorials on YouTube in search of an interesting challenge. These days, he loves to scratch his problem-solving itch through chess (though he still has plenty to learn). Win or lose, he is always eager for another game.

Little Known Fact:

Once tried to longboard and broke his wrist.

Amitkumar Patel

Platform Developer

When Amit is unplugged from technology, he enjoys spending time out in nature. He's also known to be quite the conversationalist, always up for a chat about anything. Some say he is of the belief that a sport which involves kicking a ball around should be called football.

Little Known Fact:

He once escaped a snow storm while trekking in the Himalayas and also helped a stranded sea turtle return back to the waters.

Bhavna Matwani

Platform Developer

Bhavna, after having enjoyed the pleasant climate of Surat, India, thought she was mentally prepared for the NYC weather. Little did she know! During her free time, she enjoys watching lesser-known Netflix shows, dancing to all tunes, discovering different cuisines, and reading. Whenever she feels overwhelmed, she finds a quiet spot and pens her thoughts through poetry. She loves celebrating festivals from all cultures. She is game for impromptu and the craziest sounding plans!

Little Known Fact:

She was home alone during an Indonesian earthquake and was rescued by her father!

Nora Sun

Platform Developer

Nora started programming in first year of college and loves seeing how engineers construct the modern world by start inputting simple text lines to their laptops. Born in eastern China, Nora grew up with interests in art, fiction and ACG. She still likes to write fiction when there’s free time and she's feeling inspired.

Little Known Fact:

Nora is good at cooking, but she only knows no more than 10 recipes...therefore, Nora still likes ordering take-out from time to time.

Kelvin Wang

Platform Developer

Born in Miami, FL but raised in Ithaca, NY, Kelvin is always looking to experience new things and travel. As an eager moviegoer, he loves staring at scenes in search of the perfect picture and dreams of meeting the stars at the Cannes Film Festival. In his spare time, Kelvin loves trying new foods, wandering around cities, and finding a coffee shop to read a good book or struggle with the daily crossword.

Little Known Fact:

Has been trained to handle snakes!

Borna Niknahad

Platform Developer

Made in Tehran but grew up in Manhattan Beach, CA, Borna spends his free time lifting weights and discovering new music. Borna's favorite dessert is tiramisu, however he is a lot better at eating them than making them. When he is not coding, he is planning how to win his next game in backgammon against his mother (he has won once).

Little Known Fact:

He has visited the world's largest keg (which was far too big to fit in this picture)!

Aelin Li

Marketing Specialist Intern

Aelin is a design strategist who is passionate about using visual and rhetorical storytelling techniques to deliver value and create successful business narratives. Once an architect, she loves to travel and experience cities through multiple lenses, reflecting on people’s relationship with the built environment.

Little Known Fact:

Is on her 327th day streak (and counting) learning Italian on Duolingo!

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