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We specialize in applying tech to monetize marketplace inefficiencies.


A well-built web crawler

A well-built web crawler…

…that can understand New York City co-op inventory in six hours, while a human would take two weeks. The former provides business intelligence in a timeframe that enables ROI positive decisions to be made, and at a fraction of the price.

A crop forecasting simulator

A crop forecasting simulator…

…that can better predict harvest yields than a human on a spreadsheet. A technology solution can substantially improve forecasts by modeling hundreds of temperature, humidity, and genealogy permutations in ways not accomplishable on a spreadsheet. A human doing this manually would take hours instead of seconds, factor in fewer variables, and ultimately be less accurate.

An algorithmically-based underwriting engine

An algorithmically-based underwriting engine…

…that can reduce costs by 37% compared with relying on human processing. A consumer lender using a human-based underwriting process yields a CPA of $6.00 because it only looks at a snapshot of the present; leveraging machine learning to cross-reference relevant historical data can bring the CPA down to $3.80.

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